Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose a ‘Natural Swimming Pond’ over a chlorinated pool?

Here are 8 reasons:

  1. It provides a beautiful backyard aesthetic.
  2. Excellent water quality.
  3. Chemical-free water treatment.
  4. Does not leave you with itchy red eyes, dry skin or wanting a shower.
  5. Creating a habitat for wildlife and flora.
  6. Reduced maintenance costs over conventional pools.
  7. It’s a work of art – a lot of sweat and artistry goes into natural swimming ponds via the aesthetics and natural filtration.
  8. Multidimensional and enjoyable all year around.

Is a waterscape pond worth the investment?

A backyard pond brings the ‘wow’ factor and offers many benefits for you, your family and your home. Ponds are ‘artwork’ for your backyard and will enhance your lifestyle. Beauty, tranquility, relaxation and fun all relate to what a backyard pond brings to your home. Breathe in the fresh air, feed the fish, listen to the splashing of water, frogs, and birds, gaze upon the ever-changing wildlife of plants, birds, dragonflies, and just unwind in its tranquil existence.

There are so many benefits and alternatives to choose from in designing a waterscape feature that is just right for you and your family. We will take your aspirations, size of the yard, favorite features, child-safe apprehensions and budget into consideration and create a customized quote tailored for your personal desires.

How long does it take to build?

Once we have considered all your desires and custom-designed a water feature to suit your lifestyle and property, we can build and have it functioning very quickly. The time of the build will depend on the size, complexity, and if any delays (such as weather) spring up. We will continue to partner with you with ongoing development and maintenance.

Do water gardens use a lot of electricity?

A properly designed water feature, using our recommended top quality Aquascape Inc. equipment uses very minimal electricity. If you compare the running of a conventional swimming pool, our natural filtration swimming ponds use up to 10 times less electricity.

How durable is the liner?

Firestone EPDM Pond Liners come with a 20-year guarantee, so you can have confidence that it is going to last. There is also a heavy-duty pond underlayment and together with the liner, they are specifically designed for pond features, such as rocks, pebbles, and sand. We are trained and experienced with Firestone installation.

How do I keep my pond clean?

The maintenance on a naturally filtered eco-system pond is actually a lot simpler, eco-friendly, and inexpensive compared to a normal swimming pool. The natural filtration system does most of the work for you. We offer maintenance tips and visits to keep your paradise looking fresh and inviting.

How long does it take for the water to clear in my new pond?

After a new pond is installed and depending on the size of your pond, the residual silt needs some time to settle. It can take anywhere from a matter of hours up to a week or so for the water to clear.

Do we need a fence?

Please check your local council regulations, most will stipulate that fish ponds and fountains do not need safety barriers. We have access to more information, so please make an inquiry.

What is a water garden?

A water garden is a landscaped pond designed to support aquatic plants and often fish, which serves both an aesthetic and ecological purpose in a garden or outdoor space.

What are the benefits of installing a water garden or pond?

Water gardens and ponds enhance the beauty of a landscape, create natural habitats for wildlife, and can improve the overall ecosystem of your garden by attracting beneficial insects and birds.

What types of ponds can be constructed?

We can construct a variety of ponds including pondless waterfalls. recreational ponds, garden ponds and fish ponds. Each type can be customised in terms of size, depth, and design to fit the specific needs of your property.

How do you ensure the pond does not leak?

We use high-quality pond liners and proper sealing techniques to ensure that your pond is waterproof. Additionally, we ensure that the base and sides of the pond are prepared correctly to support the liner and prevent punctures.

What materials are used to create ponds?

Materials can include geo-tec fabric, firestone liners, pump kits, rocks, sand and pebbles. The choice depends on the pond size, budget, and specific design requirements.

How is the site prepared for a pond or water garden?

Site preparation involves selecting a suitable location, excavating the area to the desired shape and depth, installing proper drainage, and laying a foundation of sand or underlayment to protect the liner.

What equipment is necessary to maintain a pond or water garden?

Essential equipment includes a pump and filtration system to keep the water clean, and possibly aeration equipment to maintain oxygen levels. Lighting might also be considered.

Can you add features like waterfalls or fountains to a pond?

Yes, we can incorporate various water features such as waterfalls, fountains, and streams, which add visual interest and improve water circulation and aeration.

What is involved in the maintenance of a water garden or pond?

Regular maintenance includes checking and cleaning the pump and filter, monitoring water quality, trimming plants, and managing fish health if applicable. Seasonal cleaning may also be necessary.

How do I get a quote for a water garden or pond installation?

You can contact us through phone or website to arrange a consultation. We will visit your site, discuss your vision and requirements, and provide a detailed estimate based on the project specifics.